We are Open!
Our operational hours are

08.30 - 20:45
Monday - Sunday

Welcome to Bonne Nuit Beach Café, we have adapted our relaxed style cafe by offering all visitors and residents the choice to dine out due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to offer the much loved Thai takeaway on a collection service only whilst applying and maintaining the lastest Government the guidelines until advised otherwise.

Please respect the current distancing and stay safe during your visit.

We thank you for all your support during this uncertain year and look forward to seeing you all in 2021.
Bonne Nuit Beach Café is located in the beautiful Bonne Nuit Bay, which allows us access to fresh local seafood fished by the local fisherman throughout the year. Bonne Nuit Beach Café is amid the beautiful scenery of the bay and provides all visitors with stunning distant views of the north coast of the island.